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Product Brief
Preheater Preheater
Preheater Preheater
The preheater is widely used in sulfide ore slurry and nickel laterite ore slurry preheating systems, which can reduce the use of heat source media in the systems and achieve a fairly high energy efficiency.
Applicable to pressure oxidative leaching scenario as well as a scenario where the feed in the autoclave is to be preheated or subject to heat recovery.
  • Specification & Series:As non-standard equipment, it can be customized according to the customers’ process conditions.
  • Application Fields:Sulfide ore slurry and nickel laterite ore slurry preheating systems
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Advantages & Features
  • Quick heat transfer and high efficiency heat exchange;
  • 2.Simple structure, ease of maintenance and modular design, non-standard design and customization according to customers’ requirements.
The Application Achievements
Nickel lat...
Nickel laterite hydrometallurgical project
Ramu Nickel and Cobalt Project in Papua New Guinea
Autoclave 000size: 760m3
Leaching temperature: 260℃
Leaching pressure: 5400kPa
Huayou Cob...
Huayou Cobalt Project in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province
Autoclave size: 160m3
Leaching temperature: 210℃
Leaching pressure: 2900kPa
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